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dave schultz

Partner Needed: 28 and/or 29 October 2017

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I recently moved back to the PNW after spending several years in the Northeast; and am looking to build my partner base back up.


I'm looking for a partner for this weekend, Saturday or Sunday, and it looks like the weather will support just about anything. Some ideas:


Prusik Peak. Solid Gold would be a stretch, but doable. South Face might be warmest. West Ridge would be most casual.


Stuart. Complete NR or Upper NR. Maybe WR if you don't want to go for the big ticket.


Something on CBR?


Something on Boston Basin? TFT? Johannesberg? Open for ideas...


Skiing up at Baker or up on Rainier are also totally in the cards.


Would also be up for Index, Snow Creek, Icicle Creek, etc. Maybe Darrington if you've got some ideas.


WA Pass is also a good option.


Freezing Levels around 14k Sat and Sun AM, dropping to 10k throughout Sun.


I'm good for leading 5.10, or up through 5.11 depending on style, pro, safety, etc. Grade IV in a day is also fine, though this time of year would require quite an early start. I'm safe, several years of experience, and have a current WFR.






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If you cannot find someone for alpine, I would love to climb Sunday at Index. Would love to do alpine but don't think I can squeeze it in this weekend.



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