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    BladeRunner 2049 was pretty good. Psyched for sandworms!
  2. FREE Mt Hood Ski Guide

    Never skied outside of ski areas on Hood. While figuring it out on my own is possible, the Caltopo map is a nice resource.
  3. list of cc.comies you'd most like to meet

    I've met The Rooster
  4. New forum software!

  5. First!

  6. New forum software!

    Right On While late to the party it's nice to see this guy I'll have to explore more new format features
  7. current snow conditions

    Haven't been there, but the pass was reopened on 11-7 http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/passes/northcascades/ Chinook and Cayuse passes are closed for the season. Since they haven't closed HWY 20 and based on other photos of snowpack in the mountains there will be skiable snow but not a thick base. Could be a bit sketchy for skiing.
  8. Killer Goatz headed to the North Cascades?

    Yak is good eating. Goats might be a bit bony, maybe goat stew is the way to go.
  9. fuck yeah

  10. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    Classic 70s style gear [img:center]https://assets.sectionhiker.com/wp-content/uploads/thumbskeep/2013/04/earl-winters20-e24b-4569-8ebd-19b101c169d7.jpg[/img] Hilleberg are a newer version of the floor plan [img:center]http://www.cycletourer.co.uk/cycletouring/gearimages/nallo3gt/nallo3gt.jpg[/img]
  11. Where are they now??

    Washington state legalization did him in. Now he can't visit WA, CO, OR, and CA among other states.
  12. Can't access Gallery

    Hmm, I get the same. Photos show up in trip reports, but no Gallery Apparently you can still post your old photos...
  13. Recent pictures of the Skyladder are depressing. I climbed it 1982. The thing was solid ice without even a hint melting in July of that year. That's one of many signs of what kind of influence Climate Change is having.
  14. I've posted in the last month, but don't moderate the Climber's Board ?? dude is banned and his posts are gone in all the forums I do have mod power in. Can't do anything in the RC Forum
  15. Edith Cavell is different these days or ever since the road to the base of the mountain was swept away. I'm a little bothered the closest I ever made it to Victoria was cragging at Back of the Lake.