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  1. We dug a pit on south facing slopes and didn't see anything of concern. The first person in the couloir held a rope where the slope becomes concvex but didn't trigger anything after a couple jumps. There were some minor sluffs, but skiing was great.
  2. Trip: Mount Snoqualmie - Slot Couloir Trip Date: 03/03/2018 Trip Report: Nice powder day Gear Notes: Skis Approach Notes: Skied in the trees back to Alpental. Fun at first but got a bit mushy lower down
  3. soloing vs free soloing

    Soloing can be anything that involves fear of falling and dying (Mt Si, Das Tooth). Free soloing usually means climbing something that is commonly considered worthy of a fifth class rating. For some people free soloing might be a long 5.4 climb, but others may require a higher rating
  4. Wet

    Palouse Falls
  5. Google Maps

    I use Hilmap frequently. The App allows you to print, get links, and set paths. You can also switch between aerial images and a variety of topos (US, Canadian, World). http://www.hillmap.com/
  6. Yodelin!!!!

    Looks like a good location pick yesterday!
  7. East Cascades: Montana

    I've car camped in A1 but never actually climbed.
  8. Interesting TR. It's nice to read a complete traverse of the route. I went to Bow Hut a couple times looking to do the traverse with a group in the 80s. We never made it far beyond Bow Hut due to whiteout conditions. Back then Bow Hut was a small quonset hut.
  9. Where to go this weekend?!

    There was 2-inches of fresh on top of a kick your ass crust.
  10. Oregon

    I remember full serve stations in Washington. They went bye bye in the 90s.
  11. Oregon

    Most folks seem to value low prices over sitting in the car. Of course someday every car will have a robot assistant so you can relax and text, buy stocks, or post on Facebook.
  12. Where to go this weekend?!

    On Saturday snow around Chair peak featured nice new snow on top of old avalanche debris and limited visibility above Source Lake.
  13. Oregon

  14. Where to go this weekend?!

    One wax to rule them all!