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  1. questions Questions about new forum software?

    @Z-Man the photos themselves are still on the server, but we had to abandon the gallery. The old gallery software was no longer being updated and they stopped selling it, and had become a security risk for our server. I tried importing the gallery into the gallery app our current software provider makes, but it was becoming highly problematic and too big of a blocker to convert the forum, so we decided to move forward without it. I will try to import the gallery at a later date, but I'm placing a big priority on getting the Trip Report search back up.
  2. New forum software!

    Remember me? I'll post something in the next few days about where we've been and where we are going with things. Just really stoked that we were able to finally able to deliver a better experience to everyone after years of false starts on this. Everyone who has contributed a TR or meaningful content deserved better. Thanks for hanging in there with us.
  3. Marc-Andre props

    I encourage everyone to read this, Marc-Andre Leclerq's first TR on here: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/800493/2 Then go to about minute 50 of this podcast where Alex Honnold and Jimmy Chin start talking about how badass he is: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2016/05/17/alex-honnold/
  4. Hey Admins!

    It seems to be if a post is too long it does not post correctly. We haven't changed anything in our code, but the servers were updated by our host that likely is causing the problem. I'm hoping to have time tonight to track down the issue.
  5. Saying goodbye to cc.com

    The gun ads are due to a few reasons, some have which have been pointed out. If there is posts about guns Google will target ads to us about that. We also get ads from an outoor ad marketplace, and I use "Outdoor" in the broadest sense, that unsurprisingly does get a lot of money from the gun industry. If this bothers people that much I'm more then happy to put a request to no longer display those ads on our, meaning yours and my, site. That said, asking us first about this would have been the proactive first step in addressing this, instead of making assumption. I don't own a gun nor have fired a gun in 25 years since being in Boy Scouts, but I did like a post on IG yesterday for the SEAL that was awarded the Medal of Honor.
  6. Ongoing login issues...

    Sorry bit the IE issue is known and there is nothing we can do to fix it. We are migrating to a new forum software shortly that will solve every problem in the universe.
  7. Herman fatality?

    Wow condolences. Sounds like he had a young family. http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/mount-herman-avalanche-victim-was-bellingham-man/
  8. We were contacted with the following information: Instead of posting this guys phone number online send me a PM and I will give it to you. Please spread the word.
  9. REI buys Mountain Project

    Well, a couple thoughts on this. This is mainly to bolster their online business, and MP was rolling out some new sister sites that will likely have greater reach then MP itself, so I actually think it's a pretty smart move. I would say it's similar to Amazon buying dpreview.com. I think MP is a great resource and my hat is off to them for what they have accomplished, and I don't have anything negative to say about them, but I don't think they really have any allegiance to anyone compared to some of the smaller outdoor sites.
  10. RIP Dean Potter

    Let's keep this respectful. Regardless if you agree or not with Dean's ethics, a lot of people, including a number of people on this forum, lost a friend this weekend.
  11. RIP Dean Potter

    Sounds like him and another guy died in a jump in Yosemite.
  12. New Trip Report Tool - It's Beta

    I think opening up parts of cc.com for outside development via GitHub is an interesting idea, and it's something we are certainly open to. I'm glad you brought it up. The tl;dr goes a bit like this... The forum software we currently use, UBB, has been essentially abandoned by the current owner, who purchased it a few years ago. Since it's still privately owned, we wouldn't be able open development up publicly, only in a private group. That said, we've been planning, for quite some time, to move away from UBB. The software we are moving to, IPB, has been struggling to release their v4 of their suite (which includes a gallery). I think the release is fairly imminent and I've actually found someone to port over to the TR functionality. But like UBB, it's privately owned and not open source, so any development would have to be done privately, which has it's drawbacks. The only open source forum software I would consider is Discourse (created by the founder of StackOverflow), but I have my reservations about it, even though I think it's.... neat. But bringing this up is certainly making me consider whether going with IPB is the right choice. So all that said, I/we are open to embracing a more open sourced development of certain tools on cc.com, especially the TR functionality. I work for a company that is involved in open source, so I understand the power (and responsibility) of embracing it. A long time ago it was requested we add to the TR system similar functionality to what Mountain Project offers, with a route database. Part of this request was because Fred had said he was no longer going to update the CAGs. We built a couple mockups in Rails, but nothing of much substance. If I were to pick something to work on collaboratively, I think that would be it, build an API layer that could accommodate a future mobile app. If anyone else is interested respond in the thread, and maybe say where you are located.
  13. question to admins

    Another fund from Seattle based Sherpa Adventure Gear https://www.crowdrise.com/helpsherpashelpnepal
  14. Bugaboo timing question

    I drove through Golden on Saturday and it's definitely been a very low snow year in that area.
  15. question to admins

    The best thing people can do is donate directly to any well established organization. From my research the two below are probably the best ones, but if anybody knows of a better one please post. http://www.ifrc.org/en/news-and-media/news-stories/asia-pacific/nepal/earthquake-in-nepal-68486/ https://www.unicefusa.org/donate/nepal-earthquake-help-children-now/24226?ms=ref_dig_2015_web_homepage_20150425_hphero