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  1. The Olympics this coming weekend?

    Yup. We're gonna go to the Ocean on account of all the recent snow. Thanks for all the intel!!
  2. The Olympics this coming weekend?

    I think my wife and I are gonna roll the dice and go for some backcountry adventure on the peninsula. Anyone have any recommendations for a fun trip? We have between Sat-Mon. Kinda thinkin Mt. Ellinor unless someone has a better suggestion!
  3. The Olympics this coming weekend?

    I'm totally prepared to go above tree line or off trail. But my wife has been mighty sick since we moved to Washington, so she hasn't done any glacier travel yet. We will have to avoid glaciers for this outing. With that being said, this is our first actual trip to the Olympics. We've driven through in a van and stayed once or twice, but we've never done any hiking or climbing on the peninsula, so anything is on the table! thanks for the suggestions!
  4. wanted to buy 4 season tent

    I have a MH trango 3 with brand new poles from tent pole technologies. The seam tape I did ages ago is pealing but it still holds out water really well. Just doesn't look brand new.
  5. New Year New Goals

    Gonna have a fun year in the mountains of Washington! Goals: Lead wi4 on ice. Lead 8s and maybe 9s on gear in alpine. Lead 10s on gear at crag. Make it into the Pickets and Mt. Olympus this summer. Gunsights if I have time. Rainier C2C? Big year I guess.
  6. free FREE: Alpinist magazines 14-28

    Dang. If he backs out I'll be in Seattle tomorrow...
  7. My wife and I usually split the weight of our Trango 3 but, unfortunately she is still too sick to carry any weight. Thus, I'm on the search for a two person 4-season tent, so I can carry it all. Would also be willing to work a trade of our trusty trango 3. It has brand new poles from tent pole technologies and no rips at all. Has been bomber on the three uses we've gotten out of it.
  8. 2017/18 Oregon Washington ice

    Headed there Tuesday to take a gander.
  9. current song in your head

    Me too. It's been at rest lately because I don't work enough to fund vinyl and climbing. And Wenatchee is sorely lacking in quality browsing locations.
  10. current song in your head

    Dang!!! Nice collection @olyclimber
  11. for sale FS: Closet Cleanout - Lots of random gear

    I'd snag one of those .5s. Where are ya located?
  12. Rainier Pardner 2018

    I'd be super interested in emmons or Kautz. Have all gear, including MH 3 person 4 season tent. I'm off from June 15 - September 1, so I have a very flexible schedule. I'd ideally like to do a few routes. My goal for this summer, as ambitious as it may be, is DC in a car to car push.
  13. Weekend Climb 12/8 or 12/9 - 12/10

    Only have Sunday free if ya can't find a partner for Saturday and Sunday. Also have Monday off. Would love to get up Stuart. I live in Wenatchee.
  14. [TR] Glacier Peak Wilderness Blast - 11 Bulgers - 7/14/2017

    Wow. Might just copy your trip next summer! LOOKS SO AMAZING.
  15. wanted to buy Wanted: 2 person 4 season tent for cascades

    I definitely do the tarp for summer, but I'm looking for something for this winter, primarily for ice climbing adventures. Thanks for the replies!
  16. RIP Fred Beckey

    Well, that's a damn shame.
  17. Mount Borah North Face TR + Beta

    Nice video. Been looking for some Idaho stuff. Beta is pretty sparse. Any recommendations for moderate ice?
  18. Climbing Tomorrow or Thursday

    Have tomorrow, Thursday, and the first half of Friday off. Would like to climb something. Lead 5.7 on gear. Follow into 10s. Don't mind 3rd or 4th class scrambling. Just wanna be outside, always a bit safer with a partner rather than solo. Have rack, rope, and transport.
  19. Friday scramble or climb?

    Lookin to climb or scramble something. Weather looks rough up high, so maybe just cragging in the icicle or something? Open to whatever. Have all gear.
  20. Well, this looks like a dream of a trip.
  21. I have off and had partner coming from Colorado but his grandmother passed. Lookin to climb pretty much anything, alpine preferred. I lead up to 5.7 on gear and will follow into 9s quick and efficiently. Up for insanely long days or a few nights. Have car and rack. Also down to crag or multipitch in Leavenworth. Just really lookin to climb.
  22. WOW! Amazing. Can't wait for my wife's health to be well enought o do stuff like this. Great outing!!
  23. I would like to climb something. I think I'm maybe going to try and get up McClellan and little Annapurna by myself unless someone would like to climb something else?
  24. anything in the next few days

    I have the next few days free and would like to hike/climb something around the cascades. I wouldn't mind getting up ingall's peak south ridge but I'm open to anything. Anthony
  25. Mt. Rainier via DC on 13-15 July

    I'd climb dc with ya. I've always been a runner and biker and backcountry hiker. Got into climbing 4 years ago while still living in Wisconsin. Just moved here last summer and have been working like a dog until now, so my alpine experience isn't that great yet. I've got wi leading experience up to wi3 but I wanna get to wi4 this coming year (have followed up to 75m wi5). I haven't lead anything harder than 5.7 around here because I haven't had consistent climbing partners. My wife, and normal belayer/climbing partner, has been pretty darn sick for a long time now. Goal is to be leading 9s on gear by end of summer. I can follow 10s and 11s if you can lead it. I've always climbed with much more experienced climbers than myself, so I'd like to think my skills and ethics are very safe. Dragontail is gonna be my training route this summer for distance running because it's close to home and I've climbed it before. Anyway, I know I'm in good enough shape. And I have 3 or 4 pretty decent trips planned before then. Let me know Anthony