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  1. Marmot Alpinist Jacket - Medium - $200 - Like New

    Looks like a great deal for somebody. I'd post to another site that is more active like nwhikers.net or mountainproject.com.
  2. Bivi off I5 enroute to Yosemite?

    Depends on how "close off I-5" you want to be. I frequently sleep off the Mt. Shasta highway (road to Bunny Flats) just a few miles up the mountain out of Shasta. Every time I've been there (non-summer) the campgrounds are empty, quiet, and free. There are some side roads that lead a short distance into the woods as well. This is probably a 10 to 15 minute drive off I-5 for a quiet safe place to sleep.
  3. [TR] Four Days in Boston Basin 8/1/2017

    Thanks. Turns out mine is five years old and didn't make the cut.
  4. [TR] Four Days in Boston Basin 8/1/2017

    I can't find any details on the Internet re. this. How do I know if my two year old Ursack is approved? Perhaps a NCNP ranger can post some info...
  5. I'll have to admit, when I read your earlier post asking about hitching from Hannegan Pass trailhead, I though I was missing something, as the timeline you mentioned didn't make sense to me. Unbelievable audacity indeed! This is hard for me to comprehend. An incredible feat and thank you for the detailed report.
  6. Great TR and a wonderful adventure! I came down the same trail the same day (7/16), but didn't notice that camera going either direction, probably because I was too tired. I'm sure it's to monitor critters. You saw the big pile of bear poo a mile from the trailhead?
  7. Yes, someone just PMed me who has bivied on the summit. I didn't know that was possible so that's great news. Thank you!
  8. I want to be on the summit after sunset and before sunrise for photography purposes. I'd also like to get a good night's sleep flat on my back and in a small solo tent to stave off bugs. I'll be loaded down with camera gear and don't want to carry overnight gear higher than necessary. How high can I go and still find a flat spot to camp next week?
  9. Buying hand drill... any advice?

    And as an addendum to gene, nothing wild about finding the remaining gear/tat from "traditional" rappel anchors... I agree. If you have to use gear to build a rap anchor then leaving it behind is unavoidable, but most tat I find consists of slings wrapped around trees or rocks. You can avoid leaving slings behind by using a long "closed" sling draped over a rock or tree trunk, like you're going to girth hitch it, but don't. Loop the rope through the two loops at the ends, and tie a tag line to one of the loops, or even an end of the rope you're rapping with if it is long enough, and then you can pull the sling. LNT.
  10. Fatality on Goat Wall...?

    First of all I want to say that my heart goes out to everyone involved in this tragedy, especially the family of the deceased and for the fellow who apparently lost control of the rope. There, but for the grace of God, go I. May we all take his pain to heart and reaffirm our commitment to rappel safely. No matter how convenient or fast simul-rapping might be, you are ceding control for your safety to someone else. You also do that if you fall while being belayed, or if you are being lowered under top rope, but you have no choice under those circumstances, other than to not participate. Here you have an easy choice. Don't simul-rap. Simul-rapping adds complexity to an already dangerous activity.
  11. Nice to finally put a face to your name Wayne. I've enjoyed your TRs for years. I recognize you in your pics because my son and I were on Burros Might Fly while you and your gal were on Burros Don't Gamble. We both remarked on how good you guys were on rock - fun to watch. I'm lucky to have a son who wants to share his spring break with me. We went to RR for spring break two years ago as well. What a great place to escape the cold and lots of nice people to boot.
  12. Spot vs Inreach vs ???

    All good points. The biggest value to me of the inReach Explorer is the peace of mind it gives family members. I travel solo almost exclusively and I like the freedom to wander and make changes to a pre-determined plan. I can do all this and still have my location and status updated so that others can access it, without my having to think much about it. Two other nice features... -Two inReaches can communicate with each other (never used this) - Weather forecasts. I have used both the free forecast and the more detailed forecast. It takes a few minutes at most to get a forecast once you have submitted a request.
  13. Spot vs Inreach vs ???

    Suppose you are carrying a standard PLB that does not have a tracking feature and you are injured and cannot activate the PLB, or you are injured and immobile and activate it, but the signal is not received because you are shielded from satellites (cliff, forest, whatever). Then what? Eventually people will realize you need assistance, but how will they find you? If you had been carrying an inReach with tracking on, all they have to do is go to the web and see your trail. I understand that Iridium is not the military satellite network, but it works everywhere. During a recent outing after a minor emergency occured (no injuries) I was able to text details to a family member using an inReach Explorer (not paired to anything) from inside a tent in pouring rain in a treed area - not a dense forest, but I was surrounded by leafed-out trees, including overhead. PLBs are supposed to have a stronger transmit signal, but once again, if you cannot activate it, or if it's blocked, you're screwed. I don't carry a Smartphone so I can't speak to the pairing feature, I will say that texting from the inReach Explorer keypad is slow and tedious if you are creating a custom text, and not using a pre-created message. It takes a while to get used to, but it is pretty nice to be able to communicate with someone from a remote location anywhere in the world, and I like knowing that if I need assistance and cannot activate the SOS, people will at least have a very good idea where I am. If the inReach's signal is not blocked, they will know exactly where I am.
  14. Snow Dragon collapsed a year ago. http://glacierhub.org/2015/04/07/hot-winter-collapses-mt-hood-ice-cave/ Here's what it looked like August, 2016
  15. I took a Mountaineering First Aid (MFA) course through the Mazamas some years ago and was pleased with what I got vs. time spent. It is somewhere between WFA and WFR. I think it was 5 evenings of 3 hr. class/practice and then a weekend in the field, with lots of hands on simulations. You didn't have to be a member of the Mazamas to take the course. Maybe Mountaineers has something similar?