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  1. Awesome report!! We were in the Sawtooths for the eclipse and I agree... it's an experience that cannot be overstated. We are definitely headed east for the one in 2024! (which crosses something like 7 state highpoints, by the way!!)
  2. Caught skiing in the crater?

    My top bucketlist "caper" would be to ski inside the crater at Crater Lake, deploy a raft, paddle to Wizard Island, then ski from Wizard Island's summit... and.... fly away via helicopter?? sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
  3. East Cascades: Montana

    Aww man, where's the fun in that? Yes, clearly joking.... Let's just say everything outside of the actual Cascades is "[direction} Cascades"... So the central Rockies become the "Far East Cascades," etc. You're welcome
  4. East Cascades: Montana

    An admin should change the subtitle on the Montana forum to "East Cascades: Montana" also Idaho. (I saw "Seriously man it's part of the Cascades" under Alaska and it gave me this sweet idea)
  5. Caught skiing in the crater?

    I think I've asked this before but does anyone know of someone who has got *caught* skiing inside the crater at Mt. St. Helens or Crater Lake? Do they face prison time or just a fine? Is there an NPS person on this forum that can tell me the statute one is violating for doing so? Asking for a friend...
  6. review Fred Meyer plastic grocery bags

    Dude SERIOUSLY I've been using QFC bags! Man no wonder it took me something like 18 hours on that route! Canceling my weekend plans and headed to Freddy's right now for a bender!
  7. [TR] Mt hood mazama chute up, old chute down. - 7/8/2017

    I've researched this question and although all evidence supports Water's position, I've never actually seen an "historic" document that states this, only digital photos that have been annotated. But I agree: Lookers left to lookers right: Old Chute: (wide at the top, requires knife-edge traverse; skiable) Mazama Chute: (narrow chute, no knife edge, not wide enough to ski, at least not without pointing it, mabye 60 feet or so from the "base") Pearly Gates: What used to be the "standard" route, leading from directly above the Hogsback/Bergschrund (skiable back in 2003 when I first climbed Hood; a pesky 6ish foot ice step has/had persisted in recent years; wide, and leads directly to summit without any lateral traversing)
  8. Road to Cold Springs now clear of snow; Snow at the Trailhead! TAY SW Chutes report 6/12-13
  9. Mt Adams route beta

    Road to Cold Springs now clear of snow; Snow at the Trailhead! TAY SW Chutes report 6/12-13
  10. Mt Adams route beta

    I made this post a couple months ago just for this purpose. (It was the most recent post on this sub-forum) Mt. Adams Climbing Conditions 2017 http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1153522/Mount_Adams_2017_South_Side_An#Post1153522
  11. Weekend Trip Report on TAY
  12. Road driveable 1/2 mile past Wicky Shelter as of 5/18 per GPNF
  13. Just resurrecting what should be a yearly thread - The GPNF climbing conditions page was updated 3/2 which states 6 feet of snow at the Marble Mtn SnoPark. Climbing Conditions Page Mostly I think this thread is useful for finding out when you can still ride your board(s) back to the trailhead.... Also, is the 300-climber-limit, $22 permits 4/1-5/15 something new? (I don't remember this from prior years) Man Facebook has really killed forums, eh?
  14. These guys are forgetting about the recent burn on the lower slopes which has significantly improved earlier access: lack of trees means the sun melts out the road faster. Years ago we had to walk 7 miles of road on Memorial Day. Back in 2011 we had to walk three miles of road on July 4th weekend due to a single pesky snow bank. (Past the snowbank the road was clear to the campground). I think Memorial Day weekend is probably going to be way to early this year unless you factor in road walking. (ugk!) Good luck!!
  15. Advice would be appreciated.

    Just wanted to chime in on the dates. IMO, September is absolutely NOT a good time to climb Rainier. Either is August in most years - wide-open crevasses, way more zig-zagging around, really icy (compared to when snow is still on the slopes), etc. June or July are hands-down the best months to climb Rainier. It's gonna be tough getting experience from ND, but you're in the same boat as the Seattle-ites who climb Rainier from sea level, so you're not missing much there!