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  1. Good memories. Especially of the guides hauling butt out of that outhouse!
  2. Wow! Looks like an awesome outing! Beautiful shots as usual!
  3. [TR] Early Morning Spire - SW Face 9/12/2017

    Thanks for the report!
  4. Thanks for the great TR! Way to stick with it and get 'er done!
  5. The new camera set-up already worth the weight! Great pictures! Thanks for the planning and great trip. A must do if limited by time.
  6. Jason: Magazine quality photos! Holli says "Holy wow!" Thanks for all the planning and packing the camera. And the glamour shots! It was awesome, but I never want to do that again!
  7. Inconceivable! By me. I am in awe!
  8. Spice and Morgan: Awesome! You guys are making it happen! Looks to be a great adventure. Congrats!
  9. J: Thanks for dragging me up the big rock! At least we got our snow-shoe fitting qualification!
  10. Nice late season tick!
  11. Expanding North Cascades NP

    Although I am conflicted in my opinion of the park's interpretation and application of policies, especially with respect to climbing, I think that their primary concern is preservation. I can understand and empathize with that mission. In today's atmosphere of serious consideration by congress to giving away public lands (see http://www.outdooralliance.org/blog/2017/1/4/giving-away-our-public-lands-for-free ), I would welcome having more land in a permanently protected status.
  12. Van Halen

    Van Halen rocks, dudes!
  13. That descent looks awesome, sorry I missed out on the fun! Outstanding photography as expected!