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  1. list of cc.comies you'd most like to meet

    yeah i remember that. they ended up making out behind the dumpster at a ropeup.
  2. FS: Eddie Bauer Goose Down Filled Pants - Medium

    This is quality stuff! I don't remember when EB used to be local boutique brand that made really great stuff locally, but my dad was telling me about going into the store back in the day.
  3. No affiliate links or referral codes are allowed on CC.com, except when they are used to benefit the running of the site. CC.com reserves the right to use them to pay for hosting fees, licensing software, and other site expenses.
  4. No affiliate codes or referral codes are allowed on CC.com, except when they are used to benefit the running of the site. CC.com reserves the right to use them to pay for hosting fees, licensing software, and other site expenses.
  5. Google Express $10 off $15 w/free shipping!!!

    It has been, must have not been brought over when we converted to the new forum software. I'll add it back. We would prefer it if you didn't have people PM you to get a referral code! In fact, I was going to edit your post and take out all the info, but I thought it would be a good reminder to everyone that it isn't permitted. Obviously we aren't going to interrupt private conversations, but please don't do it. Believe me, if we allow one person to do it, then lots of people will be doing it, and then we'll have our forums full of people trying to make 5 bucks off of our user base. And again, this community was facilitated by a lot of hard work by us who run the site and it isn’t free for us to run. Yeah there a ton of great deals out there....it tis the season for deals. You are welcome to post about great deals for the members of the site, but not to make money off of it (i.e. no referral codes/affiliate links). Again, these type of things are reserved for the site to use to make money.
  6. Google Express $10 off $15 w/free shipping!!!

    Hi Barry, sorry man we we don't allow affiliate links or referral codes like this other than for ones that support the site. We do appreciate that you were up front about everything, but it is just against site policy. There are a number of reasons, but the two biggest ones are: 1. To prevent everyone spamming referral codes and links with affiliate codes. We don't want this site to become a sea of people trying to get people to use their codes so they can make side money (or I've seen people try to do it as a main source of income!). 2. CC.com needs those links and referral dollars coming in to support the site! So any codes/affiliate links must go toward funding the site. It isn't free to run this site, and we don't make very much as it is. The money we do raise from the site goes towards hosting fees, licensing software, and funding things that support the site. So we appreciate the heads up on the sale/discount, but I had to remove your referral code. Thank you for your understanding, and Happy Holidays.
  7. current song in your head

  8. current song in your head

  9. @ivan you’re missing out! People would probably pay money for IvanTV!
  10. Fred Beckey In High Places: The Himalaya

    Famed Mountaineer Fred Beckey first travelled to the Himalaya in 1955 as a member of the International Himalayan Expedition.Their objective: To make the first ascent of Lhotse, a part of the Everest massif. At 27,940 feet, this is the fourth highest mountain in the world.Over the next nearly-sixty years Fred made multiple trips back to the Himalaya.His interests were in finding unclimbed peaks, establishing new routes on previously climbed peaks, trekking untrodden, remote mountain valleys, and the study and exploration of sub-ranges of various Asian Mountains and the Himals.This short evening lecture will focus on the goals of the Lhotse Expedition, and analyse controversies that arose with this climb, and resultant outcomes. Time permitting, the detail and objectives of subsequent trips will also be discussed, and include the ambitious plans of what had been Fred Beckey's most recent Himalayan objective, which would have been to travel next year (2018), to a remote valley in the Garhwal of Northern India. Fred Beckey recently died at age ninety-four. He lived a life that centered on mountains, climbing, scholarship, research and creating a legacy that will endure for generations to come. The speaker, Megan E. Bond, is also Fred Beckey's biographer and will read excerpts from her writings, which will be published by Mountaineers Books. Over the course of a decade, she and Fred made multiple exploratory trips together to Nepal, India, China and Tibet. *There is no charge for this event, but please Register for a 'Ticket' as capacity is limited to forty people. Please message the Speaker/Host (Megan) to add your name. Thank you. .................................... Location: Magnolia Branch of the Seattle Public Library. 2801 34th Ave West Seattle WA 98199
  11. very cool brandon! I edited your TR so the video just shows directly in the post. All you have to do it past the Youtube URL right into the editor and it will display!
  12. current song in your head

    favorite song that has come out in the past couple years
  13. current song in your head

    nope i don't have that one. i have mad season and screaming trees records though...
  14. current song in your head

    ha yeah i played the heck out of ultimate alternate wavers.