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  1. Old wisdom from my buddy John Wason states, "Be there or be slandered."
  2. Hikes in the French/Swiss Alps?

    "Why would you want to go to France, it's full of French people!" -Jean Reno Also, Switzerland is really (really) expensive. Go to the Dolomites in Italy, great hiking, lots of refugios, amazing scenery, good cheap food.
  3. Buying hand drill... any advice?

    Tell it to John Salathe. They used to just call it climbing.
  4. Looking for recs on this years road trips

    The key to having a good time on the classics in Yosemite is an alpine start. Be at the base at 5am and you'll usually be the first party, then you just have to be a fast party.
  5. bikable closed roads ?

    Ipsut Creek or the Westside Rd at MRNP?
  6. So much to love in this TR, but perhaps none so much as this simple line of text: "Lest I anger Klenke"
  7. [TR] Logan - Fremont Glacier 7/30/2016

    Oh, but it beats the alternative, I assure you. My buddy Guy who died at age 20 on the first alpine ascent of the south face of Aconcagua would likely agree, I miss that irascible bugger. Dying in the mountains has become much less appealing compared to being really really old in my own bed with loved one's around. Death or Glory indeed.
  8. [TR] Logan - Fremont Glacier 7/30/2016

    Death or glory Just another story
  9. [TR] Logan - Fremont Glacier 7/30/2016

    Having been through the cirque headwall a couple times, I'd steer you towards the brushy ramp on the far right. It's by far the easiest penetration of the cliff band, and while we found a happy scrambling route up I think we did one rappel on the way down. The brush is deep but neither thorny nor recalcitrant slide alder, so it's pretty straight forward. This puts you up on the right side of Thunder Peak, just contour around the toe of the NE Buttress on that peak to access the Douglas Glacier. I think there is a far left alternative too, though I've never been that way. As an aside, that NE Buttress on Thunder is a good objective. The FA actually went to Lowell Skoog, but we made two forays onto it. First time around with light rack and mountain boots, we got to the first tower rap and realized we weren't equipped. Second time we got to the next rap and shattered rock ahead dissuaded us, so we bailed to the Douglas and retreated. Lowell says the upper wall isn't so bad, and the whole route is probably IV 5.8 or 5.9. Totally misreported in the Green Beckey as the SW Buttress with no info. I doubt the route has seen a second ascent, anyone who wants more beta should PM me and I'm sure I can get you up the thing, it's a pretty great objective. Ignore the man smoking while playing air guitar on his ice axe wearing an inflatable dinosaur, the NE Buttress of Thunder Peak is the left hand skyline. FYI, we called it the Bolo Buttress since we wore Bolo Ties for the entire time on both outings.
  10. Mojo Nixon's feelings about the Donald

    Mojo's about due for a comeback.
  11. [TR] Logan - Fremont Glacier 7/30/2016

    Nice trip and pictures! I'd missed your earlier Douglas Glacier TR. I've been into Thunder Peak (Wayne's id is correct) a couple of times that way, and we always broke the approach into two days: leave the trailhead in the afternoon and climb to Easy Pass with the open slopes all in the shade, then down to camp at Fischer Creek. Down valley and up into the cirque the next day, which later in the season presents some vegetative difficulties, and then up above the cirque walls to camp up high. Hiking out in one day is fine, especially with a stop for a quick hot meal at Fischer Creek before the hump back up to Easy Pass. It isn't a quick trip anyway you slice it though, but a really great Cascades outing. Easy Pass is wonderful place, not unlike Cascade Pass but without the people. Late fall larch season up there is beautiful.
  12. [TR] Boston Basin - Forbidden 6/3/2016

    As an alternate approach to the upper basin that avoids all the stream drama, you can go up the Cascade Pass trail, up Sahale Arm, over the shoulder and down a 3rd class ramp and you're high up on the glacier, maybe 1,000 feet or so above the Boston Basin camp. Great location for going through Sharkfin Col if you're doing the North Ridge, a bit of traversing for the West Ridge, but there are some nice rock benches and a very tidy approach compared to the unmaintained outing the Boston Basin approach can offer. Do I recall correctly that people got in trouble for pruning things on that trail?
  13. [TR] Malachite Peak - South Route 6/1/2016

    thanks for the TR, I've always thought that picture in Beckey was really appealing too.
  14. i never wished a man dead...

    Tie goes to the lower court decision
  15. V16 mantle

    I thought using chalk at Font was forbidden, don't they use some sort of rosin? Whatever, that looks unbelievably hard.