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  1. Got this magazine today

    Crumpet and her hour old offspring named Meat.
  2. Dan Helmstadter TRs - Photo restoration

    Good work Oly, that's the sort of awesome history this place can be a good repository for.
  3. Bear Mountain: The Diamond

    Yeah, a pretty good "retreat upwards" but all the wall gear probably made it not as fun as it might have been. Good epic tale, thanks for sharing.
  4. Marc and partner missing in AK

    I've locked this thread as it was about the two missing climbers and that has been resolved. If you'd like to eulogize Marc please use this thread: I've also split off Blake's remembrance of Ryan Johnson into his own thread:
  5. Editing post?

    As a possible work around you could ask one of the moderators for whichever forum it is in to make the edit for you. I went and checked and I can edit old TR's.
  6. Editing post?

    I know in the past there was an expiration date after which you couldn't edit posts, I don' t know if that's the case with the new software. @jon or @olyclimber might have a better answer.
  7. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    I dunno Gene, all that hop-and-stop jive doesn't look like fun. Sure, you've come down something steep and narrow with slippery things on your feet, but I'd much rather just plunge step it or rip big curves down some wider face. Sure, you could free solo R&D with roller skates on, but yeah...
  8. Steven Hawkings

    I heard the way he drove his wheelchair was very risky.
  9. Music at your Memorial Service

    This was suggested by my father-in-law for his funeral. Of course the other sister, not the one I'm married to, would have none of it.
  10. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    @Joe_Poulton I agree, which is why this thread is separate from the one about Marc and Ryan. It's natural for people to want to talk about risk, but this is not a critique of those guys, its a separate thread where folks talk about their own relationship to risk and climbing. We're actively trying to avoid the sort of muddle that's currently going on in the Supertopo forum thread about Marc and Ryan.
  11. Donate/Reuse/Recycle Ropes/Slings in PDX?

    I use old ropes for assorted fall protection stuff and work on the crag in my yard. Send me a PM and we can figure out me paying for shipping if you're willing. Thanks!
  12. wamest jacket on earth

    I was just thinking that I was amazed no one had said this yet in this thread, but of course... A tip of the cap to you guv'nor.
  13. Thanks for the bump, this is a classic TR and super timely. How things change in just 10 years. To quote Marc: Seems to me he certainly did that. I only knew him through the virtual world and private emails, donated some cams to him when he lost his rack on his first foray on Slesse, but the world is a little bit dimmer without him in it.
  14. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    Loren, I didn't mean to tear the scabs off old wounds for you, I just thought the TR from that FA resonated well with this discussion. While it's true that none of us are getting out of here alive, and I personally lean in Choada's direction of not being in any hurry about it, the calculation about risk and reward with all the associated elements is deeply personal and I'm not inclined to second guess anyone's choices. I always liked this FA TR which is why it stuck in my head. I don't think we've ever met, but I had Jens K come climb in my yard and I was really impressed by his composure and level of calculation in onsighting difficult rock routes.