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  1. Looking for a lightweight synthetic half bag like the North Face elephants foot. Send me an email if you have one you'd like to sell - ryan at rpmcousa dot com
  2. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    There's a risk assessment tool used in SAR that is similar to some stuff I've read on go/nogo for alpine activities: Each category (team experience, route planning/knowledge, team fitness, weather, route conditions etc.) gets a green/amber/red grade, any reds must be mitigated or the mission is called off. I know SAR has a different goal than alpine climbing or BC Skiing but I It think something like this can be helpful in a situation where accidents are caused by a series of bad decisions, especially with newbs.
  3. Music at your Memorial Service

    Stairway to Heaven!
  4. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    Bob - I felt a personal connection through Marc's posting here and am sad about the potential loss of a sincerely nice dude who developed into a pretty good climber right before our eyes. Not everyone has the ability to empathize and there's nothing wrong with that. Gene - Regarding the odds of risk, I believe there are way too many variables in climbing to be able to apply a number with any kind of accuracy.
  5. oly's goats, so to speak

    Is the WDFW intending to avoid conducting meetings anywhere near the majority of the population?
  6. Marc and partner missing in AK

    Doesn't sound good but I think they're pretty tough young guys and hopefully just holed up somewhere to ride out the weather.
  7. how about this cautionary tale?
  8. Has anyone of you gomers climbed it yet? Looks like it was finished in September. Seems a little more doable than Infinite Bliss for us "off the couch" guys and going to the Old Schoolhouse for dinner is always a bonus. Does anyone have a topo? https://www.climbing.com/places/flyboys-washingtons-18-pitch-5-9-sport-route/
  9. Love this photo. Why, what did they say when you stopped to ask them why they bivied there?
  10. Wow, awesome photos and great job with the climb you guys!
  11. Chair Peak - NE Buttress Route

    I'm not available Saturday but I think your attention to detail is impressive!
  12. Water Filtration: is it necessary?

    Like most others here, I just use common sense, drink straight from small streams and filter where I think it could be impacted. On longer trips, I'll carry actual soap for washing hands and a half dozen Imodium pills. Giardi cleanse be damned!
  13. This place is like Monte Cristo

    Jason, I think a conditions report for each region would turn out to be the busiest and most entertaining threads here.
  14. This place is like Monte Cristo

    I believe a lot of us OG's have gotten more experienced and less interested in posting about every exploit in the outdoors. If there's already multiple well written and photographed TR's on a certain route, I know I'm more reluctant to put up another one with less gooder grammar and cell phone pics. Also, just gettin older, get out less, and care less about posting. I try to put up my best climb of each year but that's about it.