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  2. Long time cacadeclimbers.com poster @glassgowkiss is putting on free climbing related injuries and injury prevention clinic in Bellingham this month. Please see the calendar for information:
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    On Monday, January 29, 2018 at 7:00pm Robert Rogoz will be doing a free clinic at Vital Climbing Gym in Bellingham. The topic will be: climbing related injuries- causes, prevention and treatment options.
  4. for sale ****FS NUNATAK GEAR****

    If you are looking for a Quality sweater made by a Quality company this is a REAL DEAL for a DISCOUNT OVER a 50% ! Never has been used. This is the wife sweater that was made when Tom Halpin was at the helm at Nunatak, WA. Due to our medical health issues it has forced the selling many of our winter items. If you are looking for a REAL DEAL…..this is sell for OVER a 50% DISCOUNT! NO Front Pocket or Hood Size SMALL Quantum 1.0 – Gunmetal Blue Custom elastic sleeve cuffs 3.75oz/875fp/2.0oz overfill - TOTAL 5.75oz Sweater weight: 10.2 oz Nunatak Stuff Bag (.59 oz) - $10 item free. http://www.nunatakusa.com/site07/garments/skaha.htm >>>>>$200 USA dollars PLUS $5.00 for USPS shipping (CONUS)<<<<< OR if this is not a good enough deal and would like to make me a COUNTER OFFER I accept PayPal as payment. I prefer Friends and Family, however, if you would prefer the Payment option, that is fine too, just add 3% to the cost to cover the associated fees. For further information or communications through my email only: klarson40 at charter dot net
  5. LIBERTY BELL NEEDS CLIMBERS' SUPPORT The Liberty Bell Group, a cluster of five granite spires at Washington Pass outside Mazama, is home to some of the most popular and iconic alpine climbing in Washington State, including classic Fred Beckey first ascents like the Beckey Route on Liberty Bell and the West Face of North Early Winter Spire. Over the last decade, the area has become increasingly popular among alpine climbers. This rapidly expanding use has led to deteriorating trail conditions, severe erosion, and unsafe approaches. The Liberty Bell Conservation Initiative will address these critical issues, and we are shovel-ready. But the project needs $100,000 to cover two seasons of professional trail crews and supplies to address critical stewardship and conservation needs. To kickstart the project, The Mountaineers have donated $10,000, the Washington Climbers Coalition shared $4,000 (awarded from the AAC Cornerstone Grant Program), and the Petzl Foundation has kicked in $6,000 to bring us closer to our goal. DONATE HERE: https://www.accessfund.org/take-action/campaigns/liberty-bell-needs-climbers-support
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  7. for sale Climbing gear - Seattle

    Updated sold items. Knock five off everything that's left
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    Marcus Donaldson shares stories and images from his recent travels seeking adventure on the frozen waterfalls of the Western US and Canada. At Arcteryx Portland.
  9. event Oregon Splitfest 2018

    Join us for Oregon Splitfest 2018 at the Tilly Jane Cabins on Mt. Hood April 20-22. Make new tour buddies, talk gear, avalanche safety or demo some Spark R&D bindings out. If you are interested in getting a pair of demo binding send a message on Facebook or email me. There will be an after party at Copper Spur Resort Sunday from 3-5pm with a raffle and proceeds going to the Tilly Jane Restoration Project. Pay your registration through Eventbee. Registration includes a shirt and goodie bag. https://www.eventbee.com/v/oregonsplitfest/event?eid=112669951#/tickets
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    The 2018 Mt Baker Splitfest will be held on March 16th, 17th and 18th at Chair 9 in Glacier, WAOur goals are to meet other people to tour with, try out new gear and raise money to support the Northwest Avalanche Center.Warning: Splitboarding is an inherently dangerous and hazardous sport and can result in serious injury or death. Attendees take full responsibility for learning proper backcountry travel and avalanche safety. Stay safe out there. Ride with a buddy, take a beacon, shovel and probe AND know how to use them.https://www.facebook.com/MtBakerSplitfest/
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    Vertical World Climbing Gyms, Mountaineers Books, and the American Alpine Club - Cascade Section are proud to host Jim Herrington as he presents his photography book The Climbers (Mountaineers Books), the culmination of a two-decade project to track down and document the surviving legendary climbers of the early-to-mid 20th Century ‘Golden Age’ of climbing. These are the men and women from around the world who were vertically active between the 1920s and 1970s and who were at the cutting edge of an activity mostly unknown to the general public of the time.Published in October 2017, The Climbers received both the Grand Prize and the Mountaineering History Award at the 2017 Banff Film & Book Festival.Jim’s talk and slide show will begin with a brief encapsulation of his 35-year photography career, including his foray into the worlds of music and showbiz. He will move on to the climbers, detailing the inspiring and captivating stories of the climbers and their era as well as describing his unusual efforts to locate and arrive on the doorstep of these aging legends. The travels and travails he undertook to complete this far-flung project are not without anecdotes of despair, humor and adventure. What is it like to be 98 years old and to look back at an uncompromising life spent in the “useless” quest of first ascents, usually far from home and hearth? The momentum and vigor of youth is not an ideal recipe for introspection, but one’s final years certainly suffice. Herrington learned as much about himself as he did his subjects during the project – the cost and reward of obsession and how to live in the present. Jim began this series shooting with black-and-white analog film, yet during the course of the project, with the advent of digital photography, it looked as if film would disappear completely—like hemp rope or hobnail boots. Indeed, at times it was difficult to know which would vanish first, the climbers he was photographing or the film he was using. Luckily, film got an eleventh hour reprieve and he was pleased to be able to shoot the entirety of this book on silver nitrate, which remains his chosen method of taking pictures to this day. Herrington will recount what it was like to step into these climber’s homes, their lives, and their history. Seemingly time-traveling from the classic mountaineering literature he devoured as a young boy into the living rooms of these aging legends, this is his rogue’s gallery, a sampling of, and an ode to, an era. The Climbers, published in October 2017, received both the Grand Prize and the Mountaineering History Award at the 2017 Banff Film & Book Festival. Tickets are $8 on the link provided and $10 at the door. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-climbers-a-photo-documentary-with-jim-herrington-tickets-42142550503 JimHerrington.com
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    Vertical World presents DIRTBAG: THE LEGEND OF FRED BECKEY with the American Alpine ClubHailed as one of the most influential climbers of all time, Fred Beckey is the original American “Dirtbag"–one who abandons societal norms and material comforts in pursuit of a nomadic mountaineering lifestyle.This rebel athlete’s lifetime of accomplishments set the bar for the entire sport. He shattered records with an unparalleled string of superhuman first ascents, bushwhacking trails and pioneering direct routes thought previously impassable.Beckey burned bridges, eschewed fame and stayed unencumbered so his only obligation would remain conquering the next summit. He kept meticulous personal journals where he mused on everything from arcane geology to his romantic life, to the myriad sunrises he witnessed from vantages not seen by anyone else on Earth. An environmentalist before there was such a term, Beckey’s legacy includes 13 essential books that act as blueprints for new generations. He defiantly continued climbing until passing away in October 2017 at age 94.Tickets are limited and are $10 online and $12 at the door.Beer from Georgetown Brewing will be provided.
  13. event Vertfest 2018

    Hosted by Northwest Avalanche Center Vertfest is back bigger than ever before. In addition to beloved traditions including the randonee race and clinics we're expanding to include more backcountry users! New this year we'll be running a beacon rally, snowshoe walks, snowmobile rides, ice climbing clinics, and much more! Join us for the largest backcountry festival in the PNW. Tickets for the race are now for sale - clinics will be open in early January! Verfest in organized by the Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) in collaboration with Outdoor Research, The Summit at Snoqualmie, and Pro Guiding Service. Get tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vertfest-2018-tickets-41611655582
  14. That is a good one @Bronco ! I had already tagged it though....see the "Best of CC.com" tag and "FA" tag here? Thats what it looks like. Thank you!
  15. Hello all. I am looking for some regular mountaineering, hiking, snowshoeing partner(s) in the Seattle-Tacoma area for mostly weekend trips (I have a day job) but, looking forward, trips that would eventually include climbing Mt. Rainier (2019???) and other bigger mountains on the west coast. I have solid basic/core skills (self-arrest, etc.) and most of the necessary equipment (crampons, boots, ice ax, etc.). I am male, 35, married, and fit (a former collegiate runner, continually run (20-40 miles per week) and hit the gym). I am ok with male or female partners and work well with most people and age isn't much of a consideration. I tend to be a pusher when people need to be pushed but also know when to stop, take a break, or turn back (I have a family I always want to return home to). What would be great, but not required, is to find a partner with more skills than I so that I can learn from them. Feel free to contact me via email or phone below. Jason stover.jason@gmail.com (517) 325-3269
  16. All gear in very good condition! I'm in Bellingham, but go down to Seattle and up to the Baker ski area regularly. BD Factor MX ski boots size 28.5 (327mm sole length) $175 <SOLD> G3 Ion 12 touring bindings $290 G3 alpinist ascension skins 100mm wide/ Med length(168-184cm) $85 Camp Corsa Nanotech Light ice axe (good for the climb up, light on your back on the ride down!) $90 BCA Tracker avalanche beacon $150 <SOLD> BCA 35cm snow saw- light, good for digging pits and shelters, $15
  17. 2017/18 Oregon Washington ice

    Nice work on climbing both those routes over the weekend! I'm curious how you approached capricorn, did you have to climbed any of the millar pillar routes (unsure if they are in?), or were you able to go around them? I tried to go left up another drainage and got totally lost last year so any info would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  18. for sale Climbing gear - Seattle

    Any pictures of the Quarks?
  19. Last week
  20. for sale G -3 Back country split board package

    Yes still have it !!!
  21. Hey all! Looking for one or more partners to snowshoe Mt. St. Helens on January 27, 2018. The plan is to drive down Friday night (1/26) and camp out for a morning start roundtrip to the summit and back. Could camp Saturday night or come back later, either works for me. I am happy to drive down. I'm super laid back and easy going and I'm always looking to improve my skills, learn something new and meet new people. Can't wait to get out there. Contact Jason.
  22. Wayne and I climbed this route on Sunday, thank you FAs! A really fun great addition. I think we had more ice on the mixed pitches than you (one week later) so could use screws most of the way. P2 was especially fun but both the mixed pitches were really great. Hope it doesn't fall apart during the warm up before more people can check it out. The top of P1 (right after the pillar) and the end of the last pitch had no barely any ice when we climbed it. Before I saw this, I posted some super shitty pics in the OR/WA thread in the ice climbing forum on this site (but yours are much better). You guys are on fire in Bridge River canyon with new routes!
  23. for sale G -3 Back country split board package

    Do you still have this? Don't see on CL.
  24. 2017/18 Oregon Washington ice

    IG photos are tiny and often have all sorts of weirdness done to them to make them look "cool". This doesn't translate well on the big screen. If you have the originals accessible on your phone, much better to post those to cc.com. BUT, like you said, any content is better than no content! You were actually out climbing while I was wandering muddy trails with my kiddos.
  25. 2017/18 Oregon Washington ice

    Add - uploading IG photos to CC.com from my phone in the back of a bar was so easy with the new software even I could do it after a few drinks, but they sure look funny (more saturated and pixelated) now that I am in front of a computer. Oh well, any content is better than no content.
  26. Ski Denali 2018

    It sounds awesome, and I want to ski it as well. 2018 is out for me though. If you are going in 2019, I will give you a call.
  27. Denali 2018?

    I am looking at going in 2019. Also want to avoid a guide service mainly due to the costs. If anyone is looking at 2019, send me a pm.
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