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eClimb Cryo Pro Ice Tool Review by Dave Burdick

eClimb is a company that has been around for a few decades, but has not penetrated the US market as much as other European manufacturers. I remember seein their radical looking tools online and in Haffner a decade ago, and always wondered how well they climbed. As online retailing has matured, getting your hands on a pair of these tools while paying in US dollars has become easy. First off, eClimb has an entire lineup of tools, built with similar technology, [...]

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Cassin C14 Crampon Review by Dave Burdick

The C14 is a technical climbing oriented crampon with a variety of configurations, similar to the Black Diamond Cyborg or the Petzl M12. If you haven’t already, read the Black Diamond Cyborg vs Petzl Dartwin Comparison for comparison. Cassin C14 offers the ability to run with dual points, a centered monopoint and front and back antibot plates either on or off. This style of configurable crampon is great if you’re ice cragging one day and mixed climbing the next. Just [...]

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Cassin X-All Mountain Ice Axe Review by Dave Burdick

CAMP and its sub-brand Cassin have offered a steady line of nice tools over the past decade (and beyond of course). While these tools didn’t get the same hype and adoption in North America that other large brands have, the designs were solid and innovative. One of these tools, the CAMP Awax, came out as a light alternative to the heavier clearance shaft tools that were becoming mainstream. Good clearance, light weight and a solid pick design made it a [...]

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Black Diamond Cyborg vs Petzl Dartwin Comparison by Dave Burdick

Black Diamond and Petzl offer several styles of crampons for different uses. The Cyborg and the Dartwin fall into the technical category where the crampons are designed to excel on steep ice, rock and in the alpine. In the past, crampon designs have generally varied significantly between manufacturers. As ice gear has become more refined there has been a trend towards the best new features being adopted into fairly similar designs across companies. It is again in the details where [...]

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2010 Petzl Ergo Ice Tool Review by Dave Burdick

The 2010 Petzl Ergo marks a significant step forwards in the design of ice tools. The Ergo expands upon the Petzl Nomic design by adding an extremely high clearance shaft and another handle option. The Ergo is unabashedly designed to perform in steep drytooling but retains many of the ice and alpine oriented features that have made the Nomic such a popular tool. Could this be the future direction that tools are headed for both rock and ice climbing? If [...]

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Black Diamond Fusion vs Petzl Nomic Review by Dave Burdick

The Petzl Nomic and Black Diamond Fusion (2009/2010 green model) are among the highest quality ice tools available on the market today. Both of these tools have been designed to perform well in both ice climbing and rock/mixed climbing and they climb very similar to each other. In fact, if you hold one tool above the other, you’ll notice that their geometries are nearly identical (see picture below). The purpose of this review is to objectively compare the two tools and describe their subtle differences. I shall try to keep subjective comments to a minimum, as each climber is different and requires different characteristics and features from their ice tools.

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Ice Tool Umbillical Review – By Dane Burns

The Joke Slinger, on the BD Spinner leash, Jan. 2010, the Cascades. With the invention and popularity of leashless climbing a once condemmed and decades old climbing tool has come back. While they are not mandatory, they are in vogue. It has been over 35 years since I saw the first pair of umbilicals in use. The author’s umbilicals of 9/16″ webbing being used on a quick ascent of Polar Circus in the winter of 1979. Gregg Cronn photo Back [...]

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