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Small Cams Review by Bill Coe

So you’re in the market for some new small cams? Oh boy, are you in luck. More and more companies are churning out high end products that fit that classification. You’ll not only have lots to chose from, but what is out there is all very very good and getting better all the time, making your choice better yet difficult. For myself, I started in to this with a few incorrect assumptions. 1st) I thought that TCU’s, the units that [...]

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Integral Designs Penguin Reflexion Bivy Review

Image supplied by Integral Designs First up is a bivy sack sent by Integral Designs to the crew here at Cascadeclimbers.com. Evan of Integral Designs sent us their new Penguin Reflexion bivy sack to take a look at. The Penguin Reflexion  is a half zip bivy, zipping right down the middle of the top portion of the sack. Integral Designs describes the bivy as “inspired by the Emperor penguins of Antarctica which are able to withstand brutually cold winter weather [...]

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Ice Tool Umbillical Review – By Dane Burns

The Joke Slinger, on the BD Spinner leash, Jan. 2010, the Cascades. With the invention and popularity of leashless climbing a once condemmed and decades old climbing tool has come back. While they are not mandatory, they are in vogue. It has been over 35 years since I saw the first pair of umbilicals in use. The author’s umbilicals of 9/16″ webbing being used on a quick ascent of Polar Circus in the winter of 1979. Gregg Cronn photo Back [...]

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Backcountry Skiing by Martin Volken et. al.

Mountaineers books recently sent us a copy of Backcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering by Martin Volken, Scott Schell, and Margaret Wheeler.  For those of you who don’t know, Martin owns Pro Ski Service in North Bend, WA and a guiding service by the same moniker, with the other authors of this book being fellow guides for his operation.  Below is what we hope is a comprehensive review of the this excellent book.  The Chapters are organized [...]

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Cascade Alpine Guide Vol. 3 Edition 3 by Fred Beckey

We know this isn’t exactly fresh meat here but we were asked to do a review of the new edition of Fred Beckey’s Cascade Alpine Guide Vol. 3 more commonly referenced to as the “Red Beckey Guide”. Released in the Fall of 2008 this edition was rumors to be the last update of CAGs by Fred. It goes without saying that the Beckey Guides are the Bible to the Cascades, and while there is the occasional nebulous approach information there isn’t anything that comes close to the pure volume of information on climbing routes in the Cascades.

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Smith Rock Guidebook Review 2nd Edition- By Bill Coe

alcon Guides suck. That most Falcon guides are not worth the paper they’ve been printed on is a widely known truism in the climbing world. Yet they often have been the only game in town and we all grit our teeth and buy one anyway. A good guidebook should do more than get you located in a new area: it should entertain, inform, and interest you in the area it presents. The information should be clear, well organized and most importantly, accurate. A really good one will present history along with current information or where to find current info. An excellent one will do all of this, and do it in deep rich color! The new Falcon Guide authored by Alan Watts does all of this. It breaks with the Falcon Guide tradition of settling for mediocrity, and proceeds directly to sublime and amazing.

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