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About Sky Sjue

Sky Sjue was born in Hawaii, held captive in Texas by his mother as a child, then introduced to the wonders of Cascadia as an eight-year-old when his father moved to Portland. He learned to ski at Steamboat Springs when he was five and had a season pass to Mt Hood Ski Bowl when he was fourteen. After some years as a hooligan, he began graduate studies at the University of Washington where his love for skiing was rekindled and his interest in alpine climbing was piqued. Some years in Vancouver as a researcher gave him more tolerance for ski traverses while proximity to Squamish taught him just how good climbing can be. Now he resides in northern New Mexico where every day is Christmas (red *and* green chile), with year-round climbing and desert powder when storms deign to visit in the winter.

Dynafit TLT 5 Performance Review – by Sky Sjue

In the spring of 2005, an historically bad ski season in the Cascades, Jim Nelson gave me a good deal on a pair of Dynafit TLT4 Pro ski boots. My Megarides had sustained critical damage, there was no time to get the part I needed to fix them and I wanted to ski a big line the next day. So despite a little bit of skepticism, I bought the boots. I immediately loved them on the ascent; downhill skiing required [...]

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Plum Guide Backcountry Ski Binding Review by Sky Sjue

Move over Dynafit, there’s something leaner. And stronger. And sexier. In the Tech era, with many innovations based on the Dynafit design and its expired patent emerging, Plum Guide bindings caught my eye with their silvery sparkle. These bindings are minimalist CNC-machine sculptures, everything I always liked about Dynafits with significant improvements to their limitations. Before I further affirm my love for these bindings, I will mention the most important caveat for the masses. These bindings are not for the [...]

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