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About Marc-Andre Leclerc

Marc-Andre grew up in Southwestern British Columbia where he started climbing in the gym at age 10. Inspired by mountains from a young age he naturally began adventuring in the North Cascades and Coast Mountains near his home in the Fraser Valley before moving to Squamish to further pursue climbing. He has put up difficult new routes in places like Patagonia and B.C's Waddington Range as well as at many crags in the Northwest. Marc-Andre really just loves to get stoked and go mountain climbing in beautiful and remote places that inspire him.

Faster is Lighter – Tips for Increasing Your Speed in the Alpine

I’d like to start this article by just mentioning a thing or two about my intention in writing it. I am stoked to share some of my personal thoughts and strategies in regards to going as fast and light as possible in the mountains. Climbing however, is different for everyone, and each individual is responsible for making their own decisions regarding what they are comfortable with and how far they want to push their limits. As a climber I am [...]

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Lower Body Maintenance for Active Climbers by Marc-Andre Leclerc

Extended periods of climbing or long alpine adventures have a way of simultaneously being both beneficial for the body and hard on it. Consecutive days of cramming feet into rock shoes, cramming the already crammed feet into cracks and standing on the toes for long periods of time can turn ones feet into an unsightly mess. This damage adds up over years of climbing and can lead to huge callouses, bunions and disfigured toenails. Long periods of hiking in mountain [...]

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Mt. Slesse Descent Update by Marc-Andre Leclerc

Last summer my good friend Kieran embarked on his first ever alpine climbing adventure. His objective? The classic Northeast Buttress of Slesse Mountain. Upon his return I excitedly asked him about his adventure and his first remarks made me laugh. ‘Man we made it to the summit and I was so stoked, but then I looked down the other side and realized, oh shit, now we have to get down’! These are thoughts that have been thunk by many an [...]

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