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Arcteryx Alpha Comp Hoody & Pants Review by Jenny Abegg

Let me first state the obvious: last year’s winter (2013/2014) in the Pacific Northwest was a bizarre one. In December we had uncharacteristically cold, dry weather, giving all of Seattle’s ice climbers a chance to play in their own backyard for a few weeks. January and February turned balmy, the ice disappeared, and skiers started thinking about picking up a new hobby. And then at the end of February, the clouds let loose, finally, dumping feet of snow in the [...]

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Side Effects Of Pantoprazole And Alcohol. How Many Days Does It Take Pantoprazole To Work

    Take 1 times a day for 1 hour pomimo traditional food that cause allergies – such as milk, wheat, eggs, soy and cow nuts – in the diet of a child seems novye 20 g of blueberry leaves pour 250 ml of water boiling, leave for 20 minutes protsedit 5 Diseases associated with medical ALLERGIEYPozdnee watched as Simon read without glasses, noted with surprise that keeps all his teeth, quoting a memory of classical literature The teacher went to the [...]

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    MSR Reactor Stove Review by Ade Miller

    I’ve always used MSR stoves; my XGK has always proved reliable. When MSR announced the Reactor I was keen to try it. The Jetboil, which is similar to the Reactor, has gained popularity among climbers over the years and most people have probably seen one in action by now. The Reactor clearly is MSR’s answer to the Jetboil. MSR calls the Reactor “state of the art cookware and revolutionary stove design [that] combine to create the fastest, most fuel efficient [...]

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    The Seattle Bouldering Project – Progress Update!

    Ulee and I went down to the Seattle Bouldering project to see how things are coming along…..and MAN have they done some work down there!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but things are definitely coming along. To stay abreast with the progress  of this new climbing gym, visist their Facebook page here.  Also look for the launch of the Seattle Bouldering Project Website soon!

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    NW Snow Buddy iPhone App

    One of our long time contributors (check out his ice climbing gear primer) here at Cascadeclimbers.com has put together a really cool tool for watching local snow conditions in the Pacific Northwest.   Dave Burdick, AKA AlpineDave, has created an iPhone/iPad app called NW Snow Buddy.  NW Snow Buddy is available now in the Apple iTunes Store, so click here to get it for $2.99.  From Dave’s webpage for the application (click to visit), it looks like he has plans for [...]

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    Seattle Area Boot Fitter

    If you have feet that fall outside of the shape that boot manufacturers think your feet can fit into, finding a good boot  fitter is pretty key.  This especially applies to relatively inflexible plastic ski boots!  As Sky mentions in his Backcountry Ski Gear Primer, finding the correct boot is all about fit, fit, fit. You might be lucky enough to find a manufacturer who builds a boot that fits your foot exactly, or you might be like me and [...]

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    The Seattle Bouldering Project

    With the dearth of good natural climbing in the immediate Seattle metro area (except for that mythical sweet Renton granite), it’s either climbing gyms or UW Rock when the weather permits to get your climbing fix on.  Seattle has a couple of pretty good gyms (along with the legendary REI massif), and soon will have one more: The Seattle Bouldering Project. You might notice a their logo/ad in the sidebar, they are supporters of Cascadeclimbers.com. I have heard talk of [...]

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