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Ice Climbing V-thread Tool Review

V-Threads are a way of easily setting strong anchors in ice. A V-Thread is a V shaped tunnel in the ice created by drilling two holes (with an ice screw) that connect deep in the ice. In doing this, you create an artificial ice bollard through which you can feed cord or webbing, thereby creating an anchor.

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Grivel Candela


To feed the cord or webbing through these tubes, you’ll need a hook to pull one end though the tunnel. You can easily make one out of a sharpened coat hanger, or buy one of the many commercial options. A V-thread tool of one kind or another should be a required piece on any leader’s harness. Make sure to put tape over the hook so that it doesn’t poke holes in or snag your gear. The Grivel Candela (the stiff yellow one) has the added advantage of being able to push webbing into the hole, as well as clear ice from the tubes of your screws.

V-Thread Tools

A V-Thread (aka Abalakov) Wire and hook
Home made coat hanger Stiff hook with saw blade

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